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What’s Next?

Verification Phone Call

I will be very happy to share more detailed information about the sensual/erotic nature of the sessions and about me personally; but first we need to have a quick voice phone call.  This is for both of us to have a verification; We can hear each other’s voice, break the ice and get to know each other a little bit. In this way, we are not total strangers when we meet in person.

My text / voice / WhatsApp number: 516-350-8353

I always do this “live” call before I give out any detailed information.

If for some reason I cannot pick up please feel free to leave a voicemail message.

After the verification call, I will send you detailed information about every aspect of the session and how to prepare for it. Then we can look at the calendar and see what date and time is best for you.

I look forward to being in touch. – James

One Happy Ending Tantric Erotic Massage by James
One Happy Ending Tantric Erotic Massage by James

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need to do a verification call?

This is the internet and I have had my share of men pretending to be women or calling under the guise of getting their wife or girlfriend a surprise gift of a tantric session. Usually these involves the man being present and watching the activities. Not much of a surprise really and not much of a gift either, since I don’t charge for the sessions. This verification call allows us to hear each other’s voice. The verification can be a voicemail – so if by chance I cannot answer the phone feel free to leave me an audio message.

Can I ask a question before the verification call?

All questions will be answered after the verification call is completed. In most cases, any questions you may have will be answered in the detailed information and Frequently Asked Questions sent to you after the call.

Why do you ask for photos?

Generally, I like to get an idea of what your body looks like in advance. This is totally optional, and I do not care about your size, shape, color or who you voted for. Women who submit photos usually get first consideration and are therein scheduled into my calendar more quickly than those who do not. You can submit photos here.

Can I see photos of James?

I don’t share any information about me, the session or anything really, until we have the verification call completed.

How can this be free?

When I lived in New York I charged $300 to $500 for a 90-minute session. Since relocating to Florida, I no longer charge any fee and I don’t do as many appointments per week. This is not a full-time job. This is not a spa, there is no waiting room and you do not get a choice of therapists. It is just me, James.

Unfortunately, the State of Florida is very backwards when it comes to allowing women to decide what is best for their own body. Because of this it is possible in some extreme case that they might determine me to be offering “orgasms” for money. So, I do not charge any fee for any sessions.

If you’d like to provide me with a tip for my time and experience that would be fine. However, the tip is totally optional. This affords me the opportunity to see students, and those who are in need, who perhaps couldn’t otherwise afford this type of service.

How do I know I will be in a safe environment?

As you can see by this professional website this is not just some posting on Craigslist for a random meet. By the time we meet in person you will have my phone number and full information about me. You will also have my address (if you are doing a session at my home). I will have answered any questions you may have, and we will have had a verification call and a consultation.

What will happen during the session?

Before the booking of the appointment, you will have information about the entire session and step by step what will occur. This is all provided after the verification call.

Why can’t my husband or boyfriend submit the form for me?

I do not reply to men who fill out the form. Men who request a session for their partner basically lie when they check the agreement box. “I am a consenting adult woman of legal age.” I require the woman to complete the form and the agreement. Men should tell their partner about the service and allow her to decide if she wants to experience it. The agreement states “I agree that all communication between BOTH parties will be kept private and confidential.” Once she completes the agreement and understands fully the situation then I will reply.

Can you help me find a person closer to my location or a female to provide the session?

No. I do not offer any type of referral services. I do not know of anyone who does what I do and I will not venture to offer any recommendations.

What People Say About James

“My experience was absolutely amazing… I came in not expecting to be capable of feeling the way I did. Honestly, I was pretty skeptical about how legit this was… perhaps because it was hard for me to believe that there is actually something like this available for women. But when I met James, his demeanor was extremely professional, and I was at ease with the feeling that this was all for me.”

“What you do is beautiful, and women need a safe place to go. That one session gave me so many pieces back of myself. Incredibly grateful to you. Thank you so much for your heart and skill.”

“Every woman should experience this type of touch/journey at least once in her life. From the moment we met, James made me feel comfortable. With skill and patience, he peels away every layer of inhibitions you may have. He senses your timing and even gives you room to breathe between happy moments. I will use just one word to describe his session: bliss. Stop thinking about it and give yourself a nice gift! He will take care of the rest.”