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West Palm Beach area Yoni Massage Specialist

Are you searching for an experience that can take you outside your normal every day sexual intimacy? A safe and comfortable place where you are free to relax and just enjoy? No need to pleasure a partner. You are the center of the experience.

Have you ever wished your massage session included a happy ending?

Well, it can! Happy Endings are not just for guys anymore. This has become more and more popular for women in recent years.

“It’s such a well-known thing for guys and women are finally getting more comfortable looking for it too.”

Have you ever had a massage from a masseur that left you wishing it went… further? Does the idea of a man tending to your entire body without asking anything in return sound divine? I work with women in the West Palm Beach area to explore their sexuality using sensual and erotic touch. Private, confidential and totally discreet sessions – in-call or out-call to your location.

Tantric master James will take you through a transformation journey.

With decades of experience, James in his calling to help others, can help you to:

Discover your true sex center.

Heal from past sexual trauma.

De-armor your body to receive love.

Awaken your orgasms.

Just let go and release.

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Experience Full Body Orgasmic Bliss

Experience Orgasmic Bliss Full Body Massage West Palm Beach


Almost every woman can have an orgasm. All you need is the right technique and the ability to remove the mental obstacles that get in your way and prevent you from climaxing. Even if you can orgasm you may be able to enhance your climaxing by finding new ways to come. Ways you may not know even exist; including, but not limited to, G-spot, multiple, squirt and back wall.

Mental Obstacles That Can Get in Your Way


To relieve stress we start with a relaxing sensual massage with a lot of skin to skin contact. Soft music and a clean safe location help to make the massage more like foreplay.

Trying to “force” the orgasm

If you are in a hurry or thinking about other things you may end up trying too hard to have an orgasm. Putting pressure on yourself to orgasm is obviously going to work against you and make it harder to cum. This relaxing massage will take your thoughts away and allow you to relax and be in the moment.

Being distressed about not being able to orgasm

It can be a vicious cycle. Those who find it hard to come may end up being distressed about it and that may keep them from achieving orgasm easily. You deserve them and lots of them. With the relaxing massage start you can just relax into the entire process and allow the feelings to come more naturally.

Performance Anxiety

You don’t have to perform at all – you just relax and allow it all to happen. There is no partner to have to please and no one expecting anything in return. This is all about you and allowing you to let go.

Negative past experiences

Having past negative experiences like an abusive boyfriend who only cared about his own pleasure can make it difficult for you to focus on your own sexual gratification in new situations. This will be like something you have never experienced before – so you can let all the past go. Many women who have had trauma or abuse in connection with their sexual past find this type of session a way to let go and reconnect to themselves. They find out that it is possible to be gently taking through foreplay, into the erotic zones and even find “trust” again.

Anxiety about whether you have a normal vagina

Every woman is different – I know I have worked with thousands. You are uniquely you. You don’t have to worry over being different or normal. There is no normal for all women – there is only normal you and that is already you.

Having a vaginal orgasm will become far easier if you can get yourself into a relaxed state of mind, unencumbered by stress or worry or performance anxiety.

Clitoral orgasms tend to be more common during intercourse, and less than half of women have regular vaginal orgasms during intercourse. Of the women who report having vaginal orgasms, many find them to be much more intense and satisfying than clitoral orgasms.

Slow or Fast

Another myth that perpetuates is that faster is always better. You probably already know how untrue this is. A more accurate description is that the right rhythm for you is the best right rhythm. Finding a fast, slow or medium paced rhythm is a critical part of having vaginal orgasms.

You’ll also find that a steady rhythm is much more preferable than stopping and starting or going from fast to slow or vice-versa.

Final words

The final thing to say on achieving orgasms with James is that you need to talk to him. As cheesy as it may sound, communication is key. When you can share tips with him on what you enjoy and, what is pleasing you in the moment, you will quickly get in sync and find having multiple orgasms to be easier and easier.

about massage woman happy ending west palm beach
about massage woman happy ending west palm beach

Benefits of Bidet

“James’ installed Bidet is wonderful!”

Another great reason to have your Happy Ending session at James’ location is the Bidet. You will welcome this total cleaning experience before and after your session. With heated water and a heated seat the experience is just refreshing and super healthy.

Bidet seat installed at James location

An essential item in many Asian and European restrooms, bidets and bidet seats are plumbing fixtures or toilet enhancements that allow you to wash your genitals, anus and inner buttocks with a stream of warm water after toileting. Their use allows people to drastically cut the amount of toilet paper used — or forgo its use altogether.

Bidets are an alternative to toilet paper. They clean your backside using water, allowing you to forgo toilet tissue altogether. Although they’re extremely popular in European and Asian countries, they’re not as widely used in North America.

In Japan, 77% of people use a bidet (pronounced “be-day”) daily. It’s such a common fixture in Japan that you’d likely have difficulty finding a toilet without one.

Bidet users claim that the device leaves them feeling cleaner after using the bathroom. It also comes with its own set of benefits, and it can make your next trip to the bathroom more hygienic.

The Bidet in use at James’ location is by BioBidet. For your convenience the link is here.

Transformational Tantric Journey

Among the many benefits of practicing tantric massage, tantric healing may be the most powerful—specifically when it comes to healing from sexual trauma.

Tantric Spiritual Massage Journey at One Happy Ending

What is tantric healing?

Tantric healing, most often performed through tantric massage, is a form of hands-on bodywork that has been developed in the last few decades. Unlike other forms of massage, this sacred practice incorporates the tantric essence of shakti, or energy. When skillfully incorporating this universal force into a massage, it can touch the deepest layers and aspects of a human being and be a profound instrument of spiritual and emotional healing. Most notably, tantric healing is believed to remove energetic blockages related to sexual trauma. Some health experts believe trauma can be stored in the body, and physical therapeutic modalities—like tantric massage—can help heal those emotional wounds by “releasing” that trauma. Allowing you to move on.

Our sexual energy can be healing energy.

Energy is the building block of our universe. There are many types of energy, but one that is super potent—like the uranium in a nuclear reactor—is our sexual energy. Most people aren’t aware of how to take their sexual energy beyond their genitals. There are many forms of tantric massage focused on the genitals that yield great sexual benefits, such as lingam massage (tantric massage for the penis), yoni massage (tantric massage for the vulva), and tantric masturbation.

But tantric massage used for tantric healing focuses on improving emotional and spiritual well-being. Through tantric massage, a person can cleanse and open up vital energetic gateways so there is an open channel for the energy to flow through. It also teaches the energy to start flowing upward. In this process, a skilled practitioner executing the massage can unlock the extraordinary healing benefits of a person’s sexual energy. By using their own energy in a deliberate way, a therapist can arouse the energy of another person and teach it how to behave in a specific way to achieve a specific purpose.

Please let James know if your desires include the spiritual side of tantra. There is a different approach that is used for you to experience the session in a more elevated spiritual place.

Tantric Spiritual Massage Journey with One Happy Ending

The Benefits of Tantric Massage

Stress & Relaxation


Tantric or Tantra massage is very relaxing by nature. Every part of the session will take you deeper into a state of relaxation, making it one of the best therapies to use when dealing with stress. 

Tantric massage can be very exciting, but you will still feel utterly comfortable throughout the session. The sense of security allows your body and mind to fully relax and regenerate energy quickly. As a result, you can feel your stress – and the issues causing the stress in the first place – slip away.

Improve Sexual Drive and Energy

Tantric massage is also very sensual due to the sensual nature of Tantra itself. Among the many benefits you can enjoy from a session of Tantric massage is improved sexual drive and energy. As each stimulation is delivered across your body, you will feel your inner sexual energy developing exponentially.

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I Had the Best Orgasm of My Life – Yoni Massage

Best Orgasm Yoni Massage


“I got an erotic yoni massage and had the best orgasm of my life.”

A Story of a Woman’s Yoni Massage Experience

I have a weird relationship to tantra. I find the spiritual or new age-y side of it a bit off-putting. But people promoting tantric principles or lifestyles take sex and sexual pleasure very seriously, and because of that I can’t resist looking into it once in a while.

Masturbating while visualizing balls of energy? No thanks.

Open and sexually liberated people bringing focused attention to sex? Yes, please!

Recently, my research led me to yoni massages — massages focused on the vulva and vagina.

Yoni massage best orgasm of my life.
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Yoni Massage – West Palm Beach


The vagina is called yoni in Sanskrit and loosely translates to “a sacred space.” In Tantra philosophy, we approach the vagina from a place of the utmost love and respect. Yoni massage is a practice intended to truly honor a woman, to give her selfless pleasure, and to explore the sacred side of her sexuality.

Yoni massage or yonic massage is a type of Tantric massage that primarily focuses on the vulva and vagina, in the same way that Lingam massage focuses on the male genitalia. The massage is sometimes introduced as a method of relieving tension of the vagina.

Yoni Massage – West Palm Beach
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7 Good Reasons for Massage After the Holidays


If the holidays have given you physical aches or stress overload, a sensual yoni massage session might be the perfect solution. There’s no better gift you can give yourself than the gift of relaxation, serenity and wellness.

Sensual Massage offers numerous physical and mental benefits that allow you to fully enjoy the after-holidays slow down and be more present in the moment. Here are 7 reasons you should treat yourself to a massage session after the holiday season:

  • Self-Care: During the holidays, you spend so much time doing for others that it’s wise to invest in yourself and your well-being.
  • Pain Relief: Massage relaxes your muscles, reducing nerve pressure and inflammation. This helps decrease pain levels naturally and without drugs.
  • Stress Reduction: Reducing pain and stiffness in your body lowers your physical stress levels. Massage also boosts your serotonin and dopamine levels, helping you relax and release mental stress.
  • Increased Mobility: A massage enhances the elasticity of your muscles, increasing your range of motion.
  • Stronger Muscles: Massage allows your muscles to function more effectively, making them more resilient and resistant to injury.
  • Better Sleep: Massage lowers cortisol and stimulates serotonin, which aids in melatonin production. Melatonin regulates your sleep patterns. Melatonin allows you to rest, recover, and wake up feeling refreshed.
  • Overall Wellness: Massage provides lowers blood pressure, reduces anxiety and depression, flushes toxins, improves circulation, and strengthens the immune system.

Tantric, erotic and yoni sessions have the added benefit of taking special care to focus on your orgasms. Relax well into your genital releases and you will sleep like a baby.

Can a woman get a massage with a ‘happy ending’ or is that just for men?


Happy ending massage stories are pretty common in the internet, a mixture of truth, half truth, and urban legend that captivates the imagination of men and woman, even in this age of casual sex and unlimited internet porn.

Most of these stories are about women providing such services to men as the high point of massage. But trust me women do crave for a happy or an exotic end which will unlock their sexual liberation.

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Yoni Massage for Pregnant Women

Tantric Massages for Pregnant Women


Often a husband shies away from making love to his pregnant wife because he believes she or the fetus could be injured. As it happens a pregnant woman’s libido is on the increase and not getting any attention in that area is not going to help her stress levels.

Masturbation as an alternative is nice but, being stimulated is much better.

Pregnant women tend to glow. This glow is very attractive to men.
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