Can a woman get a massage with a ‘happy ending’ or is that just for men?

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Happy ending massage stories are pretty common in the internet, a mixture of truth, half truth, and urban legend that captivates the imagination of men and woman, even in this age of casual sex and unlimited internet porn.

Most of these stories are about women providing such services to men as the high point of massage. But trust me women do crave for a happy or an exotic end which will unlock their sexual liberation.

Here is one woman’s answer:

“Yes! I have always heard about them but seemed like an urban myth, then a friend of mine got one. I was so jealous! I have fantasized about a massage turning sexual for years. Then the other day I went to my usual spot for a spa day with sauna and jacuzzi followed by a deep tissue massage and a facial.

I prefer a male masseuse and this was a new guy at the spa. The massage started off as usual. I had asked to do the massage face up as much as possible because I had a slight cold and my nose was stuffy and laying face down makes it even worse and I can’t breath properly.

He was working on my thighs, he’d pulled my leg up and out to the side and was working at the top of my thigh and he started working his way further and further toward my groin area. I think I must have moaned because it did feel good. His hands kept getting closer until his fingers were just brushing the outside of my labia. I couldn’t believe this was happening! I was obviously getting really turned on. Then he got his hands in a position that mimicked rubbing my clitoris and my vagina at the same time but just on the outside, not actually touching them. I was so turned on, I was breathing really heavily and moaning, and my hips were writhing. I wondered if he would stop it there but then all of a sudden his fingers were directly on my clitoris and he rubbed it expertly until I orgasmed. He continued the massage as usual after that for a little longer and then that was it. Nothing was said, there was no indication of what just happened. It was amazing! I spent the next hour getting my facial and trying to decide if that really just happened or if I imagined it. But it really did and I gave him a great tip for his service, I will be going back again very soon.

The whole experience was just how I had fantasized, it was sensual, erotic and just perfect. I got a great massage and an intense orgasm, and I didn’t have to give a blow job or cook him dinner after!”

Image of a woman's face during orgasm

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