Benefits of Bidet

“James’ installed Bidet is wonderful!”

Another great reason to have your Happy Ending session at James’ location is the Bidet. You will welcome this total cleaning experience before and after your session. With heated water and a heated seat the experience is just refreshing and super healthy.

Bidet seat installed at James location

An essential item in many Asian and European restrooms, bidets and bidet seats are plumbing fixtures or toilet enhancements that allow you to wash your genitals, anus and inner buttocks with a stream of warm water after toileting. Their use allows people to drastically cut the amount of toilet paper used — or forgo its use altogether.

Bidets are an alternative to toilet paper. They clean your backside using water, allowing you to forgo toilet tissue altogether. Although they’re extremely popular in European and Asian countries, they’re not as widely used in North America.

In Japan, 77% of people use a bidet (pronounced “be-day”) daily. It’s such a common fixture in Japan that you’d likely have difficulty finding a toilet without one.

Bidet users claim that the device leaves them feeling cleaner after using the bathroom. It also comes with its own set of benefits, and it can make your next trip to the bathroom more hygienic.

The Bidet in use at James’ location is by BioBidet. For your convenience the link is here.